Sir Lock VS Dr. Moriarty: the Last Case

Sir Lock VS Dr. Moriarty: the Last Case

Face the most difficult case of Sir Lock.

A series of crimes, that seem to be totally independent, puzzle the global community.

Sir Lock believes that all of them lead to the realization of the most grandiose and dangerous plan of his greatest enemy, Dr. Moriarty.

The mysticism around Dr Moriarty’s criminal organization makes the investigation of the case almost impossible!

The last but most dangerous solution is to break in the office of Dr. Moriarty!!!

Sir Lock needs your assistance in his most difficult and dangerous mission.

Will you be able to reveal the criminal plans of Dr. Moriarty, and bring him to justice before it is too late?


Difficulty: 10/10

Number of Players: 3-6

Duration: 90′


Will you manage to escape?

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Observation Skills

Combinational Thinking

Thinking Out Of The Box


*These are not the indices of difficulty of the room

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