Sir Lock’s Vs Dr Moriarty The Last Case, is a new live escape room that is designed for group of 3 up to 7 persons. The rules are simple: You have 90 minutes to find the solution to a number of puzzles, and mysteries in a place full of hidden keys and objects. In coordination with your co-players, time is your main opponent in an attempt to solve all the hidden mysteries. The target is simple but very challenging.


During this tempting game your logic and your skills will be tested, but also your ability to cooperate as a group member. The game is designed in such a way, that every group with creativity, smart ideas and logic can escape.

If you don’t make it in 90 minutes, don’t worry, we will let you out!!!

There is no need for physical effort or special skills in order to find the solutions. There are no elements that are extremely frightening.

You will find yourselves locked in a spectacular place full of riddles. For 90 minutes you will feel that you are in another reality (like as if you are inside a computer game), where you have to search for clues, solve intriguing puzzles, trying to escape. The limited amount of time and the demanding challenges create a unique atmosphere trying to make you think out of the box. You will travel in time and in cooperation with your co-players, you will try to find the solution to an unsolved mystery.

The procedure will give you a unique and unforgettable experience. For the time being there is one game room ready but in the meantime we are preparing the next ones that will follow. Our friendly staff wait for those who are eager to test their investigating abilities along with their logic.



Team Spirit



Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult over 18 years to enjoy the game to its fullest.
Prices vary by group size.
The ideal group size is 3-7 members. In general, bigger teams have a better chance to escape. We advise 4-5 participants per team, and set the maximum team size to 6 players at most, in order to keep things fun for everyone.

If you feel like bringing more friends and are more than 6 people, you can book multiple rooms at the same time.

We offer a luxury lounge and free wifi.

Ideal for team building, game enthusiasts, friends & families!

Sir Lock’s House

Looking for some fun-time with friends, family, colleagues? Something unusual and entertaining? Check out the new fun in town, live escape game, Sir Lock’s House Piraeus! The door closes behind you and you are locked in. Time is ticking, you have 60 minutes left… your goal is simple: work together with your team mates to solve puzzles and get out in time!

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For whom?

Families & Friends

7 brains, 90 minutes, a few hints – use ‘em wisely! Sir Lock’s House  is a fresh & brainy pulse raiser for any small circle of friends or families.

Come to Sir Lock’s House Piraeus: be an adventurer and a hero!

Team buildings

Need a 60 minute instant team building event? Sir Lock’s House Piraeus delivers. Combining communication and problem solving skills, this game is the ideal choice for your corporate entertainment.

Students & Classes

Inside school what you need is focus. Outside you need euphoria. Sir Lock’s House Piraeus will bring both to the table. Come and achieve your natural high with this simple yet challenging game!